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If you’re looking for a fan site that allows you to follow your favourite models, performers and adult content creators, get to know them more intimately via videos, social media photos and more, then Just for Fans is an option worth exploring There are a number of different fan sites and platforms available, so we’ve put together the Just For Fans review to help you assess the offering and decide which is the best adult fan site for you.

What is Just for Fans?

just for fans reviews

Just for Fans is a fan site that has been designed to allow adult content creators, influencers and models to grow their audience and monetize their fanbase via the subscription model and pay per view adult content model. Established in 2017, it’s one of the newer fan sites to market but has become well established, particularly over the last 18 months.    

JustForFans Versus OnlyFans

just for fans versus onlyfans

Both sites are well established within the adult fan site market, however, OnlyFans is the better-known site and generates considerably more traffic. However, Just for Fans has a number of features and benefits that may make it a better option for you.

Firstly, Just for Fans has an incredibly reactive customer service team, with queries from both fans and performers being responded to really quickly. Comparatively, OnlyFans customer service has somewhat of a reputation for slow responses. We can only imagine this is due to the amount of traffic and number of users on OnlyFans. A great customer service experience is especially important when it comes to the various intricacies of dealing with fan payments and performer payments.

what is just for fans

Secondly, as a performer, Just for Fans has a wide range of analytics that can help you see where your subscriptions and sales come from, to allow you to adapt your strategies and content if needed to increase your revenue, grow your audience and achieve success on the platform.  

Thirdly, Just for Fans accepts a much wider range of payment options than OnlyFans. This is really useful for a number of reasons, whether it’s paying by a less commonly accepted card, or other methods.


In terms of feature sets, please look at the table at the bottom of this page. Just For Fans have a number of features missing from OnlyFans such as effective model search, the ability to filter via category and also a discovery page where you may find content creators you wish to subscribe to.

How to become a fan on Just for Fans

In order to view content on Just for Fans, you must first register to become a fan. To do so, head to the homepage and click on ‘fan log in’ – under this you will see ‘register as a user’. Click on this, and a new page will load, which will require you to enter an email address and a password. Once this has been done, an email will be sent to the email address provided to verify your address and finalise your registration.

how to join justforfans

Once you have registered, log into Just for Fans. The site has been designed to allow you to browse it easily, with different tabs designed for different sections of the site. For example, there is a tab to save your favourite performers, a tab for saved messages, and more.

On the site you can browse live webcam shows, discover new models to follow, explore studios and other exciting features. Another benefit of Just for Fans, is that it allows you to browse in depth, explicitly detailing what you would like to see within content via search, filters and categorisation.

Whilst browsing performers, if there is a performer or model you are particularly interested in, you can click on their profile to read more about them, and should you wish, subscribe to their profile and gain access to their feed and content. On the profile page you can see how much a subscription is and show a limited number of pictures. Once subscribed, you will have access to the full exclusive photos and videos of that model.

How to become a performer on Just for Fans

Becoming a performer on Just for Fans is almost as easy as becoming a fan and is a great way to allow you to make an additional income, diversify your revenue and grow your adult audience.

To register as a performer, click the link on this page, on Just for Fans, go to the homepage, and click ‘register as a performer’, which sits underneath the ‘performer login’ header. This will open a new page, where it will ask you to enter your Twitter username and password, and ask you to give Just for Fans permission to access your account. Once this has been done, you will be able to view your tweets from your timeline, and view your Twitter profile information and account details. Through Just for Fans you can like, retweet, block, post tweets and interact with other twitter users.

As well as being able to upload videos and pictures for your subscribers to view, you are also able to sext them, sell video clips, sell access to social media channels, and even sell products. The options available to you as a performer on Just For Fans are second to none and are another option why you may want to consider the platform.

How to update your profile or banner photo on Just for Fans

As a model on Just for Fans, you are able to update your profile picture and banner photo on your page, to keep it updated and add fresh content, increasing potential subscriptions and therefore increasing your income.

To update your profile or banner photo, upload a photo to the Media Center then select the uploaded photo as either the profile picture or banner photo. Once this has been done, you can then edit it, to ensure the best parts of the image fit nicely within the banner. As a guide, to ensure the best fit, profile pictures should be square, whilst Banner photos should be 1500px wide by 500px high.

Sexting via Just for Fans

As well as offering a subscription for videos and photos, models on Just for Fans can also offer a sexting subscription service. Each model will set their own rates for sending videos or photos, and the rates can be seen on their page. Once you have access to the model’s phone number, you can send them photos and videos, and request that they send some back.

sexting on just for fans

Can I cancel my Just for Fans subscription?

As a fan, you are able to cancel a subscription to any of the model’s subscription products. This could be the Just For Fans feed or an external service such as premium Snapchat. To do so, log into your account, and go to ‘subscriptions’. Here all of your current subscriptions will show on the first tab, and each one will say whether Auto-Rebill is enabled or disabled. To cancel the subscription, you are wanting to stop, simply turn off ‘auto-rebill’ and you will no longer be billed for this subscription. Once this has done, you will still be able to access the feed of the specific subscription until the current subscription period ends.

Can I delete my Just for Fans account?

If you are concerned about Just for Fans storing your credit card data, please rest assured that the site doesn’t store any of this information, so there will be no credit card information removed by deleting the account, as they have never been stored in the first place.

If you are a fan and would like to delete your Just for Fans account completely, simply log into your account, and go to settings. Scroll right down to the bottom of the page, and you’ll find a link which will allow you to delete your account.

If you are a Just for Fans model, you are unable to delete your account yourself. If you have active subscribers, you are able to hide your account, to ensure no new fans can see it or subscribe, and only current users can view it. The account can only be permanently closed when the last member’s subscription to your account has expired, and no more fans are paying for your content.

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