Garbage website

This site may accept more payment methods and whatnot but the cons far outweigh the pros for us. You're stuck at whatever you set your initial prices at so you can't grow your income with your account, only NEW customers will pay a price increase. The ppl who run JFF are also a bunch of rude assholes and cunts. Talking to support is like talking to your stepfather who treats you like a red-headed step-child. A/V sync issues as well as the page resetting after you view a video. I would give a negative rating if I could.

More payment methods accepted

Justforfans locks your customers in without letting you raise your prices on them as your account grows. Audio/video sync issues. JFF also resets after each video you watch. As in when you finish your video it returns to the top of the page making you lose your spot. Support is VERY VERY rude. Onlyfans has NONE of these issues.

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