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If you’re looking for an exciting adult fan site, where you can find the sexiest models and content creators, look no further. IsMyGirl is one of the latest fan sites, with a number of benefits over other existing fan sites, such as Only Fans. We’ve put together a detailed review of the platform and discovered it’s definitely a contender and a site you should check out.

What is IsMyGirl?

IsMyGirl is an adult premium social site that allows fans to connect with their favourite models and adult content creators gaining access to exclusive videos, pictures and private social media feeds. From free and premium videos, to custom videos, social media posts and more, the IsMyGirl platform allows you to quickly and easily browse the wide range of models on the site, then follow and subscribe to your favourite sexiest performers.

How IsMyGirl works

To use Is My Girl, the first step is to head to the homepage. The site has been designed to be incredibly user-friendly, has great user experience and is clear and simple to use. Once on the homepage, you can register as a fan, or alternatively register as a model (we’ll touch more on this below).

Once registered as a fan, you can search, filter and browse the models on Is My Girl. There is an infinite number of models available to browse, and these can all be discovered by scrolling down the homepage or through searching by keyword. Once you’ve performed your search you are able to filter results by the following criteria: Newest, Featured, Trending, Popular, Name, Number of uploads, Popular, Top selling:

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Once you find a model that you particularly like or want to know more about, simply click on the photo of them, and their profile will open. On this new page, you’ll be shown more details about the model, and if you like what you see, you can follow them and subscribe to their content.


As well as following models, and browsing their videos, social media feeds and other content, you also have the opportunity to access premium videos, request custom videos, message the models and even more. You can even stream live model shows.



what is ismygirl 

How to become a fan on IsMyGirl

If you’ve found a model, influencer or content creator on IsMyGirl that you’re interested in gaining access to photos, videos, social media channels and more, you will need to register as a fan on Is My Girl.

Becoming a fan on IsMyGirl is really quick and easy. Simply head to the homepage, and click on the ‘fan sign up’ tab. A registration form will then pop up, allowing you to choose to register with your twitter account, or with an email address. If you choose to register with your twitter account, the site will use the same login credentials as Twitter. If you opt to register with your email address, you’ll also need to add a username, a password and verify your email address during the registration process.

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Once you’ve entered all the details and clicked ‘sign up’, you will immediately enter the website. You’ll then be able to access models subscriptions, overview of the live models, encrypted messages, custom videos, premium videos and much more.


IsMyGirl tokens

On IsMyGirl, tokens are required in order to stream live model shows. You’ll need to purchase these tokens, which are available in special token bundles. The price of IsMyGirl tokens is as follows:

  • 10 tokens for US $ 10.00
  • 15 tokens for US $ 25.00
  • 50 tokens for US $ 50.00
  • 110 tokens for US $ 100

How to become a model on IsMyGirl

Becoming a model on IsMyGirl is quick and easy, and allows you to monetize your content, grow your audience and diversify your monthly revenue streams.

To become an IsMyGirl model, simply head to the IsMyGirl homepage, and click ‘become a model’. This will then open a new webpage, with information about how IsMyGirl works, followed by a registration form to become a model at the bottom of the page.

become a model on

The registration form allows you to sign up via your twitter account, or via an email address. If you opt to register with your twitter account, it will use the same login credentials as twitter, whereas if you choose to register with your email address, you’ll need to enter a username, password and verify your email address. You’ll also need to confirm that you are 18 years of age or older.

Once you have clicked ‘sign up’, you’ll also need to provide some further information. This will include things such as linking your social media accounts, what rate you will charge your fans for subscriptions to various channels, and other information. You will also need to write a description of yourself, add some photos and then your profile will be ready to go, allowing you to start monetizing on

How to make money on IsMyGirl

The IsMyGirl platform is constantly creating new opportunities and ways for models, influencers and content creators to monetize their content and interact with their fans in a variety of ways. This is one of the reasons IsMyGirl is considered a much better opportunity than other fan subscription or content sites.

As a model on Is My Girl, you only need to focus on a single platform to make your money, instead of having to work on multiple platforms which can be incredibly time consuming. By using Is My Girl, you are creating content exclusively for your fans, which they will love, and as it is unavailable elsewhere, they will keep coming back for more.

Additionally, the option to create live streams is a great opportunity – fans love seeing real time videos, and adding an extra level of intimacy and connection that other fan sites do not offer, and this option requires tokens, which is another form of payment.

Building your presence on a secure, upcoming platform that is simple to use and get started has never been easier. Sign up to become a model with IsMyGirl today to grow and monetize your audience!

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    Thevsiye is easy to use and had lots of models on it. Maybe too many. As more and more girls sign up after Covid the site is losing quality control over its models. There are lots of live streaming sites out there for little to no money needed to view models content. Look around first before soending your money.

    Lots of models, ease ofcusr

    Too many models, charges for every little thing, no quality control over who can sign up if over 18 years of age. It has many other sites like Inked and

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